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Real Estate domain names – OWN a neighborhood with a simple strategy!

October 11, 2009

Want to become a neighborhood expert immediately? A $10 domain name is all it takes. We are amazed at how many marketing pieces we receive in our mailboxes with no call to action on them except……”if you’re thinking about selling your home, give us a call”. Yeah, right. WHY should we call you? More importantly WHAT can you do for me? Talk about finding a needle in a haystack, trying to utilize that method. Thus the return using direct mail for real estate is historically one fraction of 1%.

The Tech Savvy Agent is not only about uncovering people ready to transact now, but also ensuring their success for the future by capturing early stage leads and setting them up on a “real” follow up plan.

Try this out for size. Let’s say we wanted to target (farm, Just listed/sold cards) a neighborhood called Radley Ridge that has about 300 homes. Go to or any other site where domains can be purchased and buy This will set you back about $10.

Go Daddy is known for their great customer service!

Go Daddy is known for their great customer service!

Now we create a mailer that reads as follows:

“Attention Radley Ridge Residents!(alliteration never hurt either) Ever wonder what homes are being listed at and selling for in your neighborhood? Find out instantly on your own website! Simply go to to get all the info on what’s going on in your neighborhood while the market is scary.”

Let’s examine why this works so effectively:
1. there is an extremely strong call to action that addresses the concerns and fears of the home owners in Radley Ridge(the market is scary right?)
2. personalizing the domain name hits home with the residents and is a refreshing change from the’s of the world
3. we have a deliverable that’s of value to our client!

The key word in that call to action is the word instant. People want their info now!

Ok Mr. Tech Savvy guy, what in the world do we do with that domain name. How are we supplying that info with only our great new domain name?

Well, there are a few automated services out there that can supply the info for each neighborhood automatically but, today we are going to talk about the free method, which just cost you a little “sweat equity”. Take that domain name and forward it to a page on your website that you designated for the stats of that neighborhood.

Make sure to forward and mask

Make sure to forward and mask

Post the most recent transactions from Radley Ridge and a market synopsis and you are almost done. We want to capture these people right? Add a lead capture form (most websites have them) and tell them that if they sign in here they will receive updated market info once a month, sent right to their email for their neighborhood specifically?

This is the data our consumers want guys, if you are not sending out regular market updates you are missing the boat! This method is a sure fire way of capturing more leads and breaking out of the stale mailers. We have had feedback from agents that this approach turned their 1% return into 10% or better with their next mailout! You just have to deliver the goods by following up with relevant data. KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.

See if the neighborhood you are working in is still available in less than one minute by clicking the link or image below!
Tech Savvy Agent is in no way affiliated with Go Daddy, we just buy our domain names from them and know they have excellent customer support which is always important when it comes to tech companies.
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2 Comments leave one →
  1. Judy Weiniger permalink
    October 12, 2009 5:20 pm

    Very helpful. thank you.

  2. Ed Butler permalink
    October 16, 2009 3:14 pm

    Great post & it’s really true. I’ve done that w/ each of the neighborhoods that I target. It’s working well ~ I enjoy the automatic association with the community that my domain(s) give me.

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