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Real Estate Live Chat – Converting Visitors into Paychecks

October 18, 2009

Could Live Chat be the way to convert your web traffic?

Could Live Chat be the way to convert your web traffic?

We are going to argue that the web is the new shopping mall. Lots of stores and products to buy and browse(window shoppers galore). One player noticably missing in the equation though are the sales people. You know, the ones who ask you if you are finding everything okay and you politely tell you are “just browsing” whether true or not. Concept is, that by the end of your shift at Macy’s, out of the 250 people you asked at least a handful actually did tell you what they were there for and even had a few questions that helped them decide to buy. See where we are going with this?

NAR has released statistics for 2008 that are very compelling;
(Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2008)
• 88% of homebuyers shopped online for real estate
• Internet buyers earn 50% more than traditional buyers
• 87% of internet shoppers use a Realtor® compared to 72% of traditional shoppers
• In 2008 32% of homebuyers found their home online (up 400% in 7 years!)

So if 88% of buyers shop online for real estate, can having a live chat tool help agents
leverage this traffic and convert more unique and repeat visitors into appointments and leads? We do hear all the time about agents having trouble turning traffic on their website into paychecks! Could this be the answer?

The trend on the websites of most large companies(National City/ Bank of America/ Apple (support)/ Hoover/ Earthlink to name a few) at this point is to engage ASAP. They offer a live chat solution for their web visitors and can set criteria as to when and what to ask and what features to point out to that specific visitor. We don’t think these large companies would use chat services unless they worked. They give an advantage that’s hard to compete with, especially for smaller businesses.

Connecting with a homebuyer early in the process is critical if you are serious about becoming their real estate agent of choice. Being able to connect while they are doing their initial research makes sense, but how? You don’t have time to watch your site all day. Especially if you get a lot of traffic. Currently the internet is reactive and is more like a brochure than an interactive online store.

Does your website do this?

Does your website do this?

Enter ActivSalesAgent They have a unique solution that transforms your site from informational to conversational through a live engagement tool. They invite your online visitors to have a conversation about their needs (aka discovery interview), and connect with them as an extension of your sales team. The goal is simple, help you convert your web traffic into live prospects.
Prospective buyers are shopping online; offering them a handshake over the internet when they get to your site seems like a logical path to not only get more buyers, but to also stand out from the crowd (tech savvy if you will). Take a test run of their service at and let us know what you think! They will greet you and answer questions on pricing, logistics, etc…using the same system they are offering you as a broker or agent!

Tech Savvy Agent Product Score for ActivSalesAgent:

Tech SaVVVy

Scoring System:
Tech SaVy = Outdated
Tech SaVVy = Worth Checking Out
Tech SaVVVy = Cutting Edge
Tech SaVVVVy = Must Have Product

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  1. October 19, 2009 11:13 pm

    Thank you for the many visits to our site today. We look forward to your comments about engaging web visitors live in order to convert more of them into prospects.
    The web is like a retail store without sales people, could you imagine a retail store where no one greets you with “How can I help you today?”?
    With activSalesAgent you gain the ability to have a handshake over the internet.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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